Mar 112012

Town Bakery

Switch Operated Wheat Harvester

Sugar Cane Harvester With a BUD Switch

Front View of Sugar Cane Harvester

Egg Harvester- The Eggs fall through a hole and trigger a pressure plate, raising a glowstone to tell me when they are ready.


Dec 012011
14 months ago a half dozen or more miners found a hill and began digging.  They dug for a whole month and when they were finished, they had produced “The Cube”.   They had  no TNT, and everyone had to make their own tools.  Some diamond and iron were found during the excavation, but the area was very poor in materials.  As time went on, Mines were created farther and farther away and forests were planted and then cut down. 2010-11-26_23.15.33
At least once the the whole operation was threatened by an update, making the game unplayable for a week.  There were phantom mobs, unquenchable forest fires and several rage quits.
After the month, a 100X100X60 area was dug to the bedrock and a vast storehouse of 100 chests was created and filled with at least 600,000 cobblestones and other blocks!  Many new projects and several empires were created with these materials.


The UNG server eventually succumbed to the tides of chaos, but history will never forget the names, Echo1001, Techno1337, ShadowedWolf, Piginpants,  Blank, and Casanovaf.