Nov 172011

My sons, RedPanther (8 yrs old) and Builderman(5 yrs old) have been playing minecraft for over a year now.  They have built up a competition as to who is the better builder!  So they asked me to come up with a competition.  If it works out, we might do it again!

  • Start: At 5pm on Thursday November 17th
  • Mode: Creative
  • Subject: Anything
  • Time Limit: 24 hrs-(Including sleep and school time.)
  • Judge: Open ballot
  • Additional notes: After the 24 hrs are up, I will walk through their submissions and take screenshots.  I plan on taking 5 of each and then posting  them here at some time after 6pm Friday November 18th.
  • May the best guy win!



Edit:Friday 18th 10:38pm.  I finally got around to looking at the submissions and have some questions, but the boys are both asleep.  I’ll have to ask them in the morning.

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