Nov 042011

About 6 months ago,  I stopped playing Minecraft.  One thing was that, it was hard too keep up with the increased pace of updates and additions to the game and then my favorite server went down for an extended period of time.  Now that the full release of Minecraft is coming, I have been going through old screenshots of my old builds and am reminded of all the fun I had making things before.

Once the November 18th 2011 release comes out, I will start playing again, but I just have one question, what is the full release going to be called? 2.0, 1?  We will have to see and I will be interested to see what will happen at Minecon!  Lets hope Notch does well!

Forest Fire Some Crazy Person Made


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  1. is that piginpants

  2. 1.0.01

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